let’s start from the beginning

It all started with a simple question “When you’ve faced a challenge in the past, what have you done to effectively face that challenge?”


WHy Resilience?

We live in a day and age when, as humans, we are likely engaged in the most complex environment we’ve experienced in human history – we receive highly nuanced communication with multiple email accounts, messaging systems, and social media channels, not to mention, given the advent of digital technology, we are “on” 24/7. So, how do we help people calibrate engagement without burnout? And, in the face of challenge, why do some people flourish, while others fold?

What is resilience leadership?

Resilience Leadership (RL) is about supporting people in recognizing their worth and value, believing in themselves, appreciating their inherent strengths, recognizing their skills and talents, and being more resilient in order to reach their full potential. When we are operating from a place of full potential, we have the greatest capacity to positively impact our world.


Resilience Leadership is based on more than a decade of research into what behaviors support people in developing and sustaining resilience in leadership and in life.


what makes for a particularly resilient individual?

  1. Vulnerability

  2. Productive Perseverance

  3. Connection

  4. Gratitude and generosity

  5. Possibility

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Dive deeper into the 5 Practices of Particularly Resilient People


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